30 Things That Have Happened in the First Year of My 30’s

As I write this it’s my last day in my first year of my thirties. It’s been an extraordinary year – we got married, wahhhh! – full of family, friends and a shit-tonne of laughter.

1. I became an honorary auntie twice over, in January and February.

2. Two besties got married in Thailand.

3. I successfully completed the low-FODMAP diet, pin pointing exactly what triggers my IBS.

4. I got my dream Anya Hindmarch bag.

5. I started filming YouTube videos about IBS which have been slowly clocking up the views and comments. Watch them here.

6. I’ve listened to my body and rested when I’ve needed it.

7. Took a whirlwind trip to Milan for a big launch event with work.

8. We’ve had the pleasure of our Dwarf Lop, Lilly’s company for over a year now, which has massively helped my anxiety.

9. I’ve blogged a whole heap on IBS – you can expect even more next year as I change my focus.

10. I learnt to embrace my body in all it’s flawed glory and feel pretty fucking fabulous for it.

11. I busted my seventies flares out of the back of my wardrobe and am in love with them again.

12. I joined forces with Barry from Symprove to talk all things IBS on BBC Radio Surrey, which was a mix of bloody terrifying and exciting all in one.

13. We started work on our garden, bathroom and bedroom. 2018 will be the year we actually finish all the bloody DIY we’ve started.

14. I’ve filled in the highlight of every single day since I received the journal and have loved the way it makes me feel each evening, ending the day on a positive note.

15. I started having LV lash lifts and am obsessed with how they make my sad, straight lashes look all curly.

16. I think I ended up having about 3 hen dos and was thoroughly spoilt at each one.

17. I became Mrs Coates after a whopper of an eventful wedding.

18. Which was basically a giant holiday with our nearest and dearest.

19. We had a very boozy party in the UK to celebrate with all of our friends and family. I’m told it was an epic night, I can’t quite remember it all.

20. We booked a honeymoon to Mauritius for 2018.

21. And became the proud owner of Flammy, the flamingo lampshade.

22. I also became the proud owner of a pair of sequin socks.

23. I’ve had a super successful year at work and feel proud of what I’ve achieved.

24. We filmed some super exciting content for work.

25. I’ve investigated buying a Dyson hoover.

26. I’ve spent an amazing amount of time with my family and friends.

27. I made a cheeky order for this pom-pom trimmed bag from Loeffler Randall.

28. We managed to celebrate Christmas over 4 days this year which I think is our best yet.

29. I’ve found a new love for shopping in M&S and will continue to do so in 2018.

30. I’ve spent the entire day (27th December) in my pjs, only moving once to have a magical bubble bath.

Hello 31, I’m excited to see what you have in store.


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