The 70’s Called, They Want Their Flares Back

A big family buffet obviously called for high-waisted jeans with a generous kick flare.

I think we all know I have an on-again, off-again love affair with jeans. Topshop’s Jamie skinny jeans have been my denim go to for years. They’re the only ones which fit my waist – a difficult task due to my super-long torso – and my hips. But, if I’m having a bad IBS day, they’re not the best and can be too restrictive and stiff against my tummy.

Anyway, after a bit of digging around in my wardrobe I pulled out this pair of high-waisted flares I’d forgotten I owned.

They’d been relegated to the deepest depths of my wardrobe and hadn’t seen the light of day for a loooooong time. I imagine because they didn’t fit me and I didn’t expect them to this time. But they did. And better than that, I felt pretty darn good in them.

It’s very rare that I’d pair tight jeans with a tight top but I felt like challenging my perception of my body, so dug out my Olivia Rubin brick tee and tucked it in before winding a scarf round my neck.

I pulled on my trusty mules to give me some height, add to the 70’s vibe and ensure that my kick flares could be showcased in all their glory.

I felt amazing. I felt confident in showcasing my curves and loved the compliments I received from my family.

They will be planning another outing soon, I’m sure.


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