What to Wear to an Engagement Party

Pineapple print, of course.

For some reason I drew a complete blank when trying to start this post. I had officially got writers block and it sucked. I had no witty one liners, no film quotes, nothing. I asked my besties for help. I got a particularly filthy joke about a pineapple and a quote from Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

And then it hit me, the reason I accidentally purchased this dress in the first place. An engagement party for two of my besties.

It doesn’t necessarily scream glam or sophisticated but hey, neither do I. Plus, who doesn’t like pineapples? Right?

It’s cute, fun, has a skater-style skirt (tick, tick, tick) and has an iddy-little cut out that I’m kinda digging.

And that right there is my party face.


Take that writers block.


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