I’m a thirty-something, midi-skirt and fugly-shoe obsessive, trying to get my IBS to play ball so I can leave the safety of my bathroom.

Seriously though, I’m all about smashing that poo taboo and speaking openly about my battle with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), the quest for gut health and all the shit that goes with it. You name it, I’ve been there. From countless days housebound, near commuter breakdown over a no-loo situation and the dreaded pregnancy-like bloating.

But do you know what, my IBS has opened the door to a whole new community of bloggers, experts and readers who make sharing and baring all, worth it.

I’ve been blogging for freakin’ yonks now, starting with fashion before meandering over to lifestyle content. I started openly documenting my battle with IBS way back in August, 2014  followed by how I deal with the anxiety that comes with it, and was so overwhelmed with the support, comments and questions that I’ve decided that that’s what I love sharing.

Oh, and I also had a baby just as the world went into lockdown due to a global pandemic. So, there’s that to write about too…

15 Things You Should Know About Me
1. I’ve had IBS for over 13 years.
2. I’m proud of the fact I had CBT for my anxiety.
3. I am most definitely an old grandma at heart.
4. My husband does all the cooking.
5. Although I can bake a mean free-from banana and choc chip loaf.
6. I have a soft spot for sequins.
7. And anything covered in glitter.
8. And pleated midi skirts.
9. And fugly shoes.
10. Have I mentioned animal print?
11. Oh, and avocados.
12. I can’t commit to a regular blog posting schedule, so stick with me.
13. I will speak about poo, shit and my gut A LOT.
14. Know that there are loads of us with IBS and that you’re never alone.
15. I’m always here for a chat.