If you’re not wearing sequins, you’re not coming in!

I’ve always seen my blog as a space where I can witter on about whatever takes my fancy. For me, it’s always been a personal outlet for my thoughts and feelings, hopefully without being too deep and scaring you off. You should see me as more of a shallow puddle!

Whenever I haven’t blogged in a while, I always feel the need to explain. I’m too tired is often a big one but also lately I’ve found I’ve not been inspired by the things that I used to be. My direction seems to be changing and I’ve been thinking more about my ‘niche’ and how I make my blog more ‘me’. This is not where I get all wanky and pretentious but more where I announce that I want to tweak my blog and take it in a different direction. Don’t get me wrong, there will still be shoddy outfit pics taken on my iPhone (because I still can’t find the camera charger) and there will still be Want it on Wednesday because there is always something I’m crushing on, it’s just that this time, they’ll all have a little more sparkle. Quite literally.

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know I have magpie tendencies. I love sequins and sparkle. I’m just drawn to it. And I want my blog to reflect that. It won’t be an overnight change (as I haven’t got the time!), more of a subtle introduction and I hope you’ll be here for the journey with me. That’s why I’m being upfront about it.

I’m not sure exactly how it will evolve but I hope you’ll be there to witness the changes with me.

As for the title of this semi-cryptic post. Well, it’s simple, if you’re not wearing sequins, you’re not coming in.


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