Fantasy Fur

This winter I see myself wrapped up warm in several layers, topped off by my big black cape and faux fur. I have the layers, I have the cape, just no fur as of yet. Until now that is…

I just so happened to come across Fantasy Fur on ASOS and have fallen ever so slightly in love – yes, I do realise I use that L word A LOT!

I have narrowed my selection down to three key pieces.

Fantasy Fur Pom Pom Collar, £25:

Fantasy Fur Pointed Collar, £15:

Fantasy Fur Fox Tail Collar, £25:
I think the cute little pointed collar would look sweet around a little jacket but for some reason the big purple number is shouting out at me more. Maybe its the colour, the way I can already picture it around my cape, or the big buckle in the middle.
What do you think?

One response to “Fantasy Fur”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    Ohhh ok, I pretty much want it all.