His and Hers Head-to-Toe Saint Laurent

When I think of his and hers dressing I instantly think of Britney and Justin in their denim era, or Posh and Becks in their all-leather get up, ahhh the memories. I’ve never knowingly worn a similar outfit to Al and never really wanted to, until I spotted Saint Laurent’s AW collection.

It only felt right to create a look for both his and hers.


There is nothing I’d like more in life than to see Al scrubbed up wearing waxed jeans and a heart-printed shirt. Especially as I would then be able to ‘borrow’ and maybe ‘keep’ said heart-printed shirt, oh and maybe the biker jacket too.

Wax Denim Jeans, £240.11
Heart Print Shirt, £525

Biker Jacket, £1,255.34
Court Classic Sneakers, £417.04


I’ve kept it simple pairing this floral-patterned pussy bow dress with the classic Saint Laurent blazer, topped off with these badass studded biker boots. Oh yeah!

Pussy Bow Dress, £1,474.39
Small Cabas Mongram Tote, £1,500
Classic Blazer, £1,676.59

Rangers Boot, £1,428.05

All I need now is £8,516.52 for the both of us to get kitted up. We don’t really need that deposit for the house do we?!?!


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