Skirting the issue…

When it comes to skirts I find I am very very fussy. I have particularly chunky thighs that I like to keep undercover for the majority of time. I have two flat moles on one leg that I like to use as a skirt length marker. I know it sounds pretty sad but it helps me out…Anyway I have been looking for a simple skirt that can be worn with pretty much anything. I want it to be easy and quick to throw on. It has to work with and without tights. I want an elasticated waist that I can tuck things in to. Maybe some pockets…Now I know I’m being pretty specific but that is what I want and need really. A skirt that will work dressed up or down and will fit in with the rest of my wardrobe…

I have selected a few possibilities…

This one is from ASOS, £7 in the sale…It has the elasticated waist and the pockets and I do like the colour. In fact I think it’s a brilliant price in the sale and would possibly buy it for that reason alone.

This is a Topshop Ruched Waist Skirt, £18. I love the waistband detailing here and it does look better quality then the ASOS cheapy…

The third is from Warehouse, £22. I like the sailor stripes. Although I want a skirt that will go with everything and I think the stripes might hold me back…Finally a little Navy Hitch number from Dorothy Perkins, £28. It’s the most expensive out of the lot but I have fallen a little bit in love with this skirt. I think it’s because the hitching of the material seems haphazard and a little rough, almost like it’s about to unravel…
I think if I save my money I could aim for the Dotty P one. Realistically though I’m heading towards ASOS. Who can complain at £7….


11 responses to “Skirting the issue…”

  1. Avatar DaisyChain says:

    Oh, I love that Asos one. I’m quite insecure about my legs, so I get frustrated when most of the skirts I try on are mini mini mini!

  2. Avatar Delmy says:

    I love these skirts!

  3. Avatar HoneyBunny says:

    Oh, there are cute! I love that DP one:) I would say the ASOS one, if it was a different colour;;)

  4. Avatar Sydnie says:

    Definately the Dorothy Perkins one! The style of it is just beautiful. Great blog, by the way. This is my first of many visits!


  5. Avatar Yuka says:

    i actually really like the asos one, not even just cuz its on sale, i just love the simplicity of it. especially since you want a skit that could go with everything!

  6. Avatar Stacy says:

    i like them all, especially the second and last one!

  7. Avatar Kandace says:

    I love the DP skirt. It definitely has a roughed up elegance feel to it. American Apparel has some great classic skirts that exactly fit the description you made. I have 2 and I wear them with everything.

  8. Avatar A. says:

    I vote for the DP one! The others are quite nice too, but this one is a statement making, jealous fit inducing skirt! I’d get it myself, but the conversion rates- ouch!


  9. Avatar tanya says:

    all of these are great but I especially am drooling over the last one and that ruched waist skirt with the adorable pockets!

  10. Avatar Jessie says:

    Wow I love the last one! And I like the brightness of the first one! Haha it’d be awesome if you had a sewing machine, sometimes it’s easiest to make skirts yourself so you can choose the length you want it at =)


  11. I LOVE the last one! Great!


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