sick sick sick

I’ve gotta apologise for my big fat absence. Me and the boyf went away for the weekend as I had bought him a driving experience which was for Sunday. I already had a stupid sore throat and somehow it just got worse over the weekend. I could barely swallow, constantly felt sick and had a big fat swollen face and throat. Sooo attractive. It’s starting to get better now but I’m still off work and practically bedridden. Feeling this crappy has not inspired me in the slightest to take outfit posts….somehow I feel my pink owl pjs would scare you off a bit…

Instead I thought I’d post some pics of two dresses I got sent from Motel for the charity fashion event myself and my partner in crime are holding….I couldn’t resist trying them on…

I know you can see my bra straps which is a bit icky in the pics but you have to understand that the dresses sent were sample sizes and I never expected to get them on over the hips and thighs!!! Just want to say thatnks to the staff at Motel..

I promise my posting will be back to normal in a few days….


10 responses to “sick sick sick”

  1. Avatar esther says:

    aww so sorry you’re sick. i hate that. i’m just now getting over a nasty cold myself. so uninspiring. heheh.
    hope you get better soon!
    those dresses are adorable! i’m in love with the first one!

  2. Avatar Delmy says:

    LOOve the blue one! Get well soon.!

  3. Avatar Juliet says:

    they’re both similar, but i like em!!!

  4. Avatar coco says:

    I really like the first dress, the blue is really cute.

  5. I love the first dress!
    You look great.

  6. Avatar DaisyChain says:

    I love those dresses, they look great on you!

  7. Avatar prettyneons says:

    You know how to work a frock, I love the red pink floral one, gorgeous!
    PeAce & BoWs…
    prettyneons x

  8. Avatar Yuka says:

    i love the shape of both of them. im a sucker for pink so i def LOVE LOVE LOVE the second one. you look great!

  9. Avatar yiqin; says:

    The bodice area is so pretty!!!!

  10. Avatar imane says:


    your pix are pretty cool
    you looks good jojo


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