Give Me Givenchy…

I’ve been scouring for the latest Pre-Fall 2012 collections ahead of the upcoming fashion weeks. Picking my favourite was easy. For me, it’s all about Givenchy. I want it all and I want it now.

Focusing on the 1950’s silhouette of Bettie Page crossed with 1970’s horseback riding, Riccardo Tisci showcased a collection for strong women, heavy with detailed construction techniques. Each look was paired with knee-high boots, complete with heel-covering sheaths.

I like the tough military look and the balance of the structured, heavy jackets and leather gloves against the softer printed tops and dresses.

Can’t you just picture Victoria Beckham rocking the cap and sunnies on arrival at an airport somewhere?

It’s definitely worth having a look through the whole collection here.

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