Wish list…

I know it seems like the blog is turning into a great place for me to create my current wish lists. (Nope didn’t get the Vivienne Westwood boots someone stole them out my basket..sniff sniff) It’s probably irrelevant and slightly boring to you but to me it’s a great way of reminding me what I actually like and want to buy, otherwise I run the risk of getting sucked into the shops and buying something stupid on a whim.

The first item on my wish list are these bondage jeans by Boutique at Topshop. I like the slim leg and obviously the bondage straps around the legs. Love them, love them, love them. I want to wear them with the slouchy grey tee I bought from ASOS last week some patent black shoe boots and a slick of red lipstick.
I couldn’t just stop at one item from Toppers, that would just be rude, so I found this College Cardi in the Unique Boutique for £75. It brings back memories of Grease, with Sandy wearing Danny’s sports cardi, I think before a game. Might have to bust out the inner geek and go for the full on prep look.
Thirdly, I’m adding these Acne wedges to my list. They were featured in the last issue of Fashion156 in white but I prefer the black lace ups. In fact thinking about it, they’d go with the bondage jeans above and give the outfit a harder, slightly grungier edge.
I think I’ll stop at three. Didn’t someone once sing that that was the perfect number? I think I have made some good choices and actually looking at them laid out on the page one below the other I now want to wear them all together. Mixing preppy Sandy with the badgirl leatherclad chain smoking version at the end of the film, but instead it would me without ciggie clad in my bondage trousers!! What a strange image.


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