I’ve been a bit absent…

I’ve been really absent of late but it’s ok you can blame it on the mother. I have been knee deep in party plans as I finally threw her a surprise birthday party Friday night to celebrate her turning 50. It had been in the planning stage since early October and the last few days were spent rushing around sorting out cakes, prezzies and decorations.

But I’m back. Thought I’d do an outfit post today as I looked fairly decent for once.
(Wearing ASOS dress, black slip, Primark suede knee high boots, Zara grey cardi, vintage black belt, Topshop necklace and vintage hairband)


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  1. Avatar Anonymous says:

    I Love you! I also love you in this dress.. I’ve not known you to wear red very often, but I think you should wear it more as it really suits you. Very Casual Chic ;)And its ASOS, where else would it be from miss ASOS Queen! Can’t believe that those boots are from Primarni,they are amazing! Chezzy x

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