My Month in Pictures: Saris, Shetland Ponies and Sunshine

April for me has been a crazy mix of family time, weddings and hanging out with friends. It’s been one of the best months to date.

Take a look… 

 The beautiful bride in a blonde sandwich.
Rocking our saris in an obligatory selfie.
Working the prints in an animal vs tribal look.
My very first Urban Decay Naked Palette.
Casual dinner with my mum and little brother.
Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.

 A little #tbt with one of my besties.
Definitely dressing like a child in my denim pinafore.
One of my besties carrying me after a heavy night on the vodka.
Two of my girlies on a little night out.
Bank holiday weekend spent relaxing with this guy overlooking a beautiful Cornish beach
 Cornwall in the divine sunshine.
My beautiful little family, aka a bunch of posers.
Two Shetland Ponies rocking a side fringe.
That’s how I spent my April.
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2 responses to “My Month in Pictures: Saris, Shetland Ponies and Sunshine”

  1. I want a Shetland Pony! xx

  2. Looks like it has been a fabulous month indeed!