There I was quite happily sitting with the Media Guardian searching for jobs, watching the Fashion Channel on Sky, which is fast becoming a regular habit of mine, when on trots MICHALSKY designs. I was intrigued by bright floral prints on maxi dresses nearly slit to the navel and the combination of this dominant print paired with plain black shirts.

This caused me to hunt down the website and find out about the man behind the flower power. Michael Michalsky. He grew up near Hamburg and quickly moved to London to study at London College of Fashion. On his return to Germany he became chief designer at Levi and a few years later he was then approached by Adidas where he worked himself up into global creative director. There, together with Yohji Yamanoto he developed the Y-3 line. He also went on to relaunch the brand MCM and in 2006 he finally founded his own line where he designs by the motto, “Real Clothes for Real People.”

The Spring/ Summer 09 line features classic items, like a simple skirt or maxi dress but each item has a defining feature. For instance the skirt and shirt combo have an added flower print peplum. The simple black shirt is paired with a skintight pair of Hawaiian print trousers.

A blazer is oversized and oozes sex appeal when placed over a classic white shirt. His maxi dress is made in the brightest flower pattern and then slit to the navel and up both legs, creating a streamlined body shape. Although all the items are simple, they look polished, sleek and expensively made with luxurious fabrics.

Whats more his collections always come with a little story, giving you an insight into Michael’s design process:

“This Collection is heavily inspired by the 40th anniversary of the summer of 68, the 25th anniversary of the German green party and the protest-rally-culture of Berlin. In Particular the annual May 1st protests and riots that turn Berlin into a battle zone. It`s about millionaire hippies, champagne-socialists and how eco has become the new status symbol. It`s luxury leftism! Of course it`s all tongue in cheek! We are using iconic graphics of he protest rally heydays and several graphics of the early 80`s peace movement. Of course we`ll do a luxury version of it! Hand beaded! In addition we are working with futuristic hippie prints on silk and denim. We created these as a collaboration with Japanese artist Shinpei Naito. Details on tailoring stem from police riot gear uniforms, crossbred with sportswear. Imagine an MA-1 bomber jacket crossed with a tailored jacket or iconic trackpant-style in luxurious tailoring fabrics.Main colours for the season are black, dark navy and hot fuchsia pink, turquoise, lime green and crisp white. All-over prints, funky block stripes and funky checks round off the collection.This season will be loud, proud and super cool.”


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