Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Over the years I’ve collected a lot of animal print in my wardrobe. I have skirts, shirts, tees, vests, blazers and shoes. I’ve got it all. I’m addicted.

When I see an animal-printed item in the shops I find myself drawn to it. It’s like a weird magnetic pull reeling me in. I’m a complete sucker for a print. Whether it’s snakeskin, leopard print or some crazy mix of both, I’m all over it.

It’s bold, brash and instantly mood lifting, which is why I decided to road test them all at once. It might be a little crazy, it might be too wild for your liking and I know for a fact that the clashing prints and colours would make my cousin Gem come out in hives, but I don’t care

What can I say, I kinda like it.

What I’m Wearing:
Blazer, Topshop
Vest, ASOS
Skirt, Lavish Alice
Boots, Kurt Gieger


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