I Want to be a Belstaff Boy…

Yes, you read that right. I want to be a Belstaff boy.

I’ve been browsing the menswear collections from Milan and I am in love with ALL the Belstaff jackets. I don’t usually get massively into menswear but I think the added hype has made me more interested to find out what’s going on this year.

My not-so-new boyf has started to take an interest in fashion and I would love for him to own one of these three beauties. That way, I can then steal it and claim it as my own.

I know that the high street is running various versions of the above but I’m just not feeling them as much as the guy version! This looks more structured and stiff. I love the heavy belt here.

There is nothing better than a boy in blue. Especially baby blue. The oversize fit, the massive collars. It’s perfection. Plus check out the man bag.

I’ve saved the best to last. This is my favourite of the three. The mustard and grey just do something for me.

Check out the complete collection over at Style.com.


One response to “I Want to be a Belstaff Boy…”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    Can I take the men? *drool*