Why I’ll Never Wear White Jeans

As soon as the sun comes out so do the white jeans. It’s not like I’ve got anything against them per say, it’s just that I’ll never wear them.

I’m a messy person by nature. I have a messy desk, I have messy hair and am likely to spill something down myself for no apparent reason. That’s case in point right there for you.

Secondly, I hate the fact that you can not only see a VPL but actual pants. I’m barely comfortable wearing skinny jeans with a top that hits at the hips, let alone having my butt on display.

Finally, I also think the white would highlight the fact that my skin is super translucent (I haven’t had a holiday in a looooong time) and would therefore make me look like Casper the friendly ghost. I’m not so keen on that.

I have friends who rock the white jean trend well, I just couldn’t cope. So while you’re all busy wearing your whites this summer, I’ll be sticking with my trusty blues thank you very much.

P.S The ones above are from ASOS here and not ones that I own. I should point that out as a disclaimer.


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