Crushing On Tom Binns

Tom Binns to me, is jewellery perfection. It’s big, it’s chunky and it’s very bold. I’m partial to a bit of statement jewellery and this is definitely that.

It would dress up any outfit and add a colour pop. The two pieces below are my current faves. I’m imagining wearing them over simple black dresses or tees, so the neon yellow really stands out.

These Swarovski crystal, faux pearl and safety pin earrings rock. The mix of textures and styles mixes classic with a punk edge. I’ve actually just re-pierced my ears and am looking for something beautiful to hang from them. Unfortunately for me at £245 I might have to wait a little longer.

As for the matching necklace, the Passive Attack Swarovski crystal, faux pearl and safety pin necklace, to be correct. Well, I’m in love. 
I love that it’s quite short and sits close to the collar bone. I love the neon yellow, I love the pearls and I love the delicate little gems that look like feathers.

The only thing I don’t love is the £1055 price tag. Ouch.


One response to “Crushing On Tom Binns”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    WOW, what stunners. Major ouch to the price though 🙁 xx