GFW Prints Prints and more Prints…

Prints print prints prints prints. That really sums up this whole post really.

Firstly Ashley Farrall, from Manchester Metropolitan University School of Art, used three main colours red, blue and yellow on a background of white. The tops/dresses were all voluminous and paired with slim fit leggings.

This collection was one of my personal faves. Created by Charlotte Simpson from Northumbria University Fashion, she showed a great passion for texture and pattern. I’m not sure exactly what but various materials were fused together to create shift dresses with pockets and cut outs. Each dress was then paired with clashing printed leggings. The colours used fed into the tribal trend of the moment.

I’m glad her work was recognised as she really did deserve to win Zandra Rhodes Catwalk Textiles Award, presented by the lady herself no less.

I think I still have a few random catwalk snaps to post but this marks the end of my gushings. I really enjoyed the shows and fingers crossed I’d love to go back next year and spend more time looking around and talking to the students. Hope you’ve enjoyed my postings…


4 responses to “GFW Prints Prints and more Prints…”

  1. Avatar tanya says:

    wow, she certainly is talented–I just adore her use of color…very cool! Come check my blog out for your award, darling 🙂

  2. Avatar Lisa says:

    I love the second dress, feminine and colorful!

  3. Avatar Kristin says:

    *Please follow my fashion blog anyone at all!
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