GFW Knitwear….

I know it’s slightly crazy to be thinking or even blogging about knitwear seeing as recently it’s been like 23degrees outside but I have never been one to let the weather get in the way of things…plus when you see some of these creations you will be a tad excited…

Pandora Bahrami from Nottingham Trent Uni showed her collection of knitwear in the gala show. Even though that Weds I was hot and flustered after the sunny weather and crappy tube problems I started making a mental note of her garments for my autumn/winter shopping list. With a palette of soft greys, purples and black the selection of dresses and slouchy cardies looked like perfection. They were incredibly made with areas of intricate knit work combined with open panelling details where you could see the flesh through. It reminded me of the Alexander Wang jumper dresses that looked quite rock with the open mesh panels. I had never really considered knitwear to be ‘sexy’ but all of the pieces including the oversized cardies fitted the bill. Maybe because all of the pieces looked so delicate like they could unravel at any minute.

On the other end of the scale was Akousa Afriyie-Kumi from Kingston University who mixed a leather material with knit to create incredible structured jumpsuits and knitted helmets. Her designs looked complicated and obviously took a long time to create but looked at ease down the catwalk. There was emphasis on the shoulders, bust and hips giving extra emphasis. The leather was used to create a sort of body armour look.

University of Westminster’s Sarah Benning incorporated sheer shift dresses in hues of green and pinks with plastic tubing and knits to make giant bubble-like jackets. People would definately give you space if you were wearing one of these. I love the way the tubing is intertwined. I also like the styling with the old-school swimming caps (these actually used to fill me with dread) and socks paired over printed tights.

Finally rounding up my knitwear craze was the brilliant Hannah Taylor, Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, who’s show I enjoyed the most. Her menswear knits were loud and proud and reminiscent of something your nan might have knitted for you when you were younger. Cropped trousers, woolly hats, balaclavers and massivly oversized jumpers came in rainbow colours and were deocated with patterns and fox/hound faces on the front. If these were to go into production I releastically don’t think the boyfriend would be interested but for me on the other hand…I really really really want one….


7 responses to “GFW Knitwear….”

  1. Avatar geisharock says:

    You were in Westfield too? :O How coincidental! Did you check out the pop-up store? Also… Share your purchases sometime, pretty please? I want to see! xoxo

  2. Avatar Ela says:

    Oh my, the weather here in Toronto is dreadful – a reminder that Fall may come before Summer even hits us! Love the grey sweater in the 4th pic!


  3. insane. i need a new life, mine isn't glamorous enough for these babies

  4. Avatar kirstyb says:

    Wow roll on winter lol. The last few were very circus/clown style xoxox

  5. Avatar Michael says:

    Omg! I love the last 3 pieces. Reminds me of henrik Vibstav and walter van beriendonk… cool stuff! 🙂 x

    p.s london soon?

  6. Very cool womens knitwear! Very unique from what I have seen before.

  7. I love this type of knitwear, it is really in right now!

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