The Perfect Summer Jacket by Zara

This weekend the not-so-new boyf and I decided to pop to the shops to see what we could get for our new pad. Obviously this revolved around home ware, think cushions, storage units and curtains. Of course what we actually bought included light shades and a wash bin, but hey, every little helps!

I have to admit that I found it ridiculously hard to go shopping and not actually go inside any clothes shops. This whole renting thing is a bit like torture. I find that if I even look in a shop I see about twenty things I want to buy. Why is this always the way when you don’t have any money!

Anyway, I just so happened to stumble into Zara and fall in love with this jacket. Behold, the perfect summer jacket.

From afar I thought it was leather but in fact it’s a thick linen. It’s double breasted, full of zips and has studded lapels. It’s also in the most amazing mint colour.

I had to have it. And that’s where all the problems started.

You see the not-so-new boyf (who I really need a new name for) offered to buy me the jacket as a little prezzie – ah shucks – so we joined the long queue ready to pay. By this point you can imagine how excited I was. Please remember that I have not bought any item of clothing for maybe two months now – which is something of a breakthrough for me. It’s safe to say I was bouncing up and down stroking the jacket counting down the minutes until I could parade it round the rest of the shops. All was well until we actually paid for it.

It was at this crucial stage that the not-so-new boyf noticed a hole in my lovely new jacket. In fact it wasn’t just one hole but quite a few, big holes at the seams. Obviously we had to return it on the spot and obviously there were no others left in my size, so we left empty handed.

What an absolute buzz kill.

Now here’s my dilemma dear readers. You see I really, really, really like this jacket but don’t have £60 to just throw around. I’m scared that it might be a shoddy jacket that’ll last a few wears and then start to unravel.

Should I spend or save? Over to you…


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