Ho ho ho…Merry Christmas

Firstly I just want to say Merry Christmas to all my fellow bloggers and readers. I hope you had a good one. Mine was spent with the family eating and drinking copious amounts. Christmas is the one major time you all get to stuff out together and I love it. This year my eldest cousin spent the day with his girlfriends family so there was only six of us but that it made it nice and cosy.

I spent the day stuffing my face with pistachio nuts, chocolate raisins, turkey, beef, pigs in blankets, orange and lemon slices and turkish delights…not necessarily in that order though.

I wore a dress that I have posted recently on this blog so don’t want to bore you with more pics of it. Just wanted to share a pic of me and the pink-haired cousin…please know that this was taken after several glasses of Asti had been consumed, hence me not looking my bestest…after all it was Christmas…

And yes even though today was Boxing Day, I did brave the sales and got some brilliant bargains…pictures to follow…


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