The dots are taking over..

From spot to stripes..that’s how my outfits have seemed for the past couple of days. I seem to have got into this new little routine of adding at least one item to my outfit that follows this regulation daily. It can be a dress or a belt or whatever fits the bill…I obviously realised what I was wearing but it didn’t actually register that I had layered a belt with holes over a spotty dress….you could actually see the spots through the holes…
This dress is so cheap and cheerful that it makes me love it that little bit more. It has ruffles down the front, a bit of frill, a sheer overlay, dots….really now, what’s not to love…

(dress Primark, belt vintage, cardie Zara, tights French Connection)

6 responses to “The dots are taking over..”

  1. Avatar Emily says:

    Very very cute dress, I love the ruffles on the top. I think this outfit could work if you wore the belt on the outside of the cardigan too!

  2. Avatar zoë says:

    so lovely, the whole thing looks great on you !
    and yessss polka dots are fab .

  3. Avatar A. says:

    I love when people mix patterns so effortlessly! Great, wearable, supercute.

  4. Avatar casual cutie says:

    wow..i love your dress….so sexy…

  5. Avatar Adela says:

    i love how you paired the feminine sheer dress with the studded belt! =)

  6. Avatar coco says:

    I really like that belt. It adds something special to the dress. You’ve tied it in a really cool way.

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