This skirt…

So I’ve had this skirt for a while now but always seem to wear it with the same kind of tops, which is getting really boring. I’m extremely skint so buying anything new is out of the question at the moment. This lead me to having a little wardrobe rehash this afternoon after work. I just wanted to see what else I could pair it with…I wanted to put my results into one big pic in Photoshop but unfortunately every time I did something it crashed and I got fed up. So your just going to have to look at a load of pics…

I’m also selfishly using this post as a little reminder to myself of what the skirt looks like with different tops…like a picture diary I suppose…Oh and I’m back to taking terrible pictures of myself so I apologise…

(Skirt Topshop, black vest, sheer top and tights Primark, belt ??)

(Skirt Topshop, white vest, checked top and tights Primark)

(Skirt Topshop, white vest Primark, ruffle top Topshop)

(Skirt Topshop, black long sleeved top Primark, spotty vest River Island, belt vintage)

(Skirt Topshop, shirt

It’s quite amazing how many ways you can wear one skirt…

5 responses to “This skirt…”

  1. Avatar Rachel Lynne says:

    I am loving the white oversized blouse with the skirt. I would try layering a dress underneath, maybe something sheer. That way you can see the dress at the bottom of the skirt and it can fall over the top of the skirt nicely. Pair that with a leather jacket and some pumps, GOOD TO GO!
    with love,
    rachel lynne

  2. Avatar tanya says:

    You’ve created some amazing looks with this skirt! I especially love the first and last pretty 🙂

  3. Avatar esther says:

    love it! versatile pieces are the best. my favorite is the bottom look with the simple white button down…so perfect.

  4. Avatar Yuka says:

    a basic skirt is definitely and outfit staple!

    i love it in the fist photo and also the outfit with the floral layered top. very cute!

  5. Avatar Eeli says:

    lol thats a nice thought. I’m pretty jel of yours right now lol. The high waisted grey pencil = perfection on you! And don’t sweat this ‘style diary’ lol. My entire blog is one! hahaha

    Eeli xx

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