I Heart Norwegian Wood…

Well now, if you read the brilliant Style Bubble blog or Kingdom of Style regularly then you will probably be aware of the title…it kinda gives the post away..but if not, I’m here to share the details..

Iheartnorwegianwood is another Etsy find. The creator Angie, lives in Canada, where she makes clothing and jewellery using a mix of vintage and new fabrics and trims. One of my absolute faves is her cage skirt…

Above is the cage skirt modelled on Queen Michelle and then Susie. I am in love with this idea. The way it can be worn over skirts, dresses or even trousers is just genius. It can totally transform the look of an outfit. I can imagine wearing one over the plain grey pencil skirt I have. What makes this even better is that Angie lets you choose from various colours/patterns and then add stud detailing…

Thought I’d post a few more pics of the other great things she creates…

Harnesses in a range of colours….

Which, just like the cage skirt you could wear over almost anything….

These fringe necklaces are also pretty special…

Worn over a plain tee or vest…the statement necklace is the only way to go this summer…

Some more fringing…this time on skirts…

And finally some pretty funky looking leggings…

With so many great hand-made items to choose from it really is hard not to fall in love with them all. Whats even better is that the prices are reasonable too, especially for the amount of hard work and detailing that goes into each piece. Check her out here….


14 responses to “I Heart Norwegian Wood…”

  1. Avatar Delmy says:

    Of course Ill exchange links with you.
    I just added you! Love your blog!


  2. i really like the cage idea too but i just don’t think i could pull it off! Great blog by the way.
    Happy Easter!!!!
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxx

  3. Avatar Eeli says:

    Gah ALl these pieces are amazing! I’m in awe of the cage skirt too! The possibilities for layering is just so nearly endless lol. Think i’ve just been inspired to do a bit of DIYing myself now lol 🙂

  4. Avatar DaisyChain says:

    Wow, yes, amazing things!

  5. wow they are great! The necklaces were my fav!

  6. Avatar Yuka says:

    i love her fringed skirts!

    yeah i would love to trade links. i added u on my list, let me know when you do the same. thanks!

  7. Avatar Adela says:

    WOW those are all so amazing! how much are her fringed neckalces??


  8. Avatar prettyneons says:

    hi, hows your easter going? I've over dosed on the old chocolate LOL
    Wow yeah I adore her stuff a lot, it's texture/ textile heaven (soz i'm geeky about shape and texture being a fashion textile grad and all LOL…yay textures!!!!=)
    well thats all for now LOL
    PEaCE & bOws…
    prettyneons x

  9. yeah sure, i’ve added you to my list. Great stuff!
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxx

  10. Avatar Eri says:

    Came across your blog and really enjoyed!!!!! Please come and visit mine too.
    I hope you enjoy it too.
    See ya

  11. Avatar geisharock says:

    Love these skirts on those bloggers 🙂 Those fringe necklaces are amazing! xoxo

  12. Avatar Jessie says:

    I love the harness and the leggings, very awesome! =D
    xx Jessie

  13. Avatar Eeli says:

    Hey hun! Are you kidding me? Of course I’d love to trade links with you! I think you’ve just made my night now haha.

    As for those boots they were from my recent trip to HK 🙁 I’ll get a closeup of it soon cause that picture doesn’t really capture its pure awesomness that well lol.

    Hope your tue is going gooooood 😉

    Eeli xx

  14. Avatar coco says:

    I really love the cage skirt too.