Staring at the Sun

Grab your calendars, because in 13 days time, it’s my birthday. When you have your birthday so close to Christmas, or like me, stuck right in the middle of Christmas and New Year, I find it best to constantly remind your friends with a countdown to the big day. It paid off this year as I received an early present. And it was a good one.

You see I have a bestie who managed to hit the rails at nearly every sample sale that’s happened in the last two months, one of which was Victoria Beckham.

Enter my present…

I got over my sample sale jealously pretty quickly when I unwrapped this pair of Victoria Beckham sunglasses.

Firstly, these babies have a thick tortoiseshell frame, which I am all over. They’re heavy, thick, sharp and really really dark. When I pull them on, I feel like they hide a multitude of sins, you’d never know that I have no make up on (other than the lippy) and super-huge eye bags.

I’ll be pulling these bad boys out the bag as soon as I see even a glimmer of sunshine.

Thanks Lis.


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