Went shopping…didn’t buy…

So I braved the shops today with my partner in crime, Chez, because I had read that the Bentall Centre in Kingston were having a fashion show…(and we needed to try to source some clothes for our charity fashion event)….well that’s not what I would have called it. They had dressed the models in clothes from shops within the centre and then made them traipse around the full three floors while some ladies in very scary makeup tried to drum up interest by shouting down a microphone. Hmm it didn’t even last 15 minutes……In fact two singing street performers outside managed to draw a bigger crowd…

Anyways while wandering around I was a bit shocked at the number of sales going on and also the prices. I’m sure they were lower than ever…

While in Topshop I saw this, although it wasn’t in the sale…but I had a voucher…

I have to say I was tempted but I found it was a bit too slouchy, whereas I had really wanted one with a bit more structure…It didn’t really flatter me….

Now I have to admit I never shop in Bay Trading and have always walked right past this shop as I used to find the clothes a bit tacky and were made from far too much tight lycra for my liking. But after hearing they were going into administration me and my partner in crime felt it would just be too cruel not to pay a visit. I have to say I was actually a bit surprised. If you bypassed all the blinding neon there were some cute day dresses and vests. I even fell in love with a long white one with a parrot on…it was only £3.


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  1. Hmmmm… good review; sorry it didn’t work out!


  2. Avatar geisharock says:

    Aww bentalls 🙂 Haven’t been there in ages. The jacket is cute, what colour is it? Zara is bound to have some nice blazers. I will show the top when it arrives 🙂 xoxo

  3. Avatar Emz says:

    Oh I wanna buy a blazer too.. I have a formal black one for an actual suit but no daily wear one.. Hope you find one you like soon!

  4. Avatar coco says:

    Ha ha so random to see someone blogging about Bentalls. I didn’t know Bay was doing so badly. But your so on the mark, everything in there seems to be neon.

  5. Avatar Eeli says:

    Gee sounds like an interesting day was had though non? 🙂

    Did you take a picture of the parrot vest? I’m imagining it and its all kinds of lovely in ther but….. could be FABULOUS in its actual form lol.

    Godd luck with that fashion show sourcing project! 😀

  6. Avatar prettyneons says:

    YAY!!! =)
    You've no idea how pleased I am to know, I'm not the only one who has these odd much, much older man celeb chef crush thannng LOL!
    Gordon is fine too ha ha…No I wont be greedy, you can have him!
    PeAce & Chef's…?
    prettyneOns X

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