Breath of fresh air…

I had to share this….I love the simplicity and the look of comfort about the designs from House of Dagmar’s s/s 09 collection oh and the neutral colour pallet. It’s actually quite refreshing and comforting to see a collection so relaxed after the 80s rehash we saw on the catwalks.

Here are what I believe to be the promo shots…

The Swedish brand is still young having started in just 2005 and is a venture of three sisters, Kristina Tjader, Karin Soderlind and Sofia Malm. Kristina is the designer who studied at ESMOD, Ecole Superieur de la Mode in Paris. They also quote their muse as being their late grandmother, Dagmar, who got them interested in fashion and materials.

Their style is described as arty chic and I think it’s quite clear to see why. Drawing inspiration from the art deco period in the 20s and 30s many of their garments are hand-knitted or have hand-made elements.

I love the way they manage to incorporate some of the main summer trends but make it completely their own by mixing it with their own aesthetics. Like the diy crop top above and the studded dress and also the ruffled micro shorts- this look reminds me of something Chloe Sevigny might wear…

I want an oversized jumper to wear as a dress now. I also love the infusion of bright aquas and blues and then soft oranges and greys with the neutral background of beige. These pics also make me want to pull on a pair of socks with skirts and dresses. It seems to relax the look…

I’m going to say that these four pics are my faves…I love the long sleeveless cardies and the orange holey wrap top above…would totally love to wear it how it is shown…

What I’m really drawn to is the simple styling. All of the pieces look like they could just be chucked on and off you go….Sorry about the extreme gushings and overuse of the ‘love’ word but sometimes I just can’t help myself…


5 responses to “Breath of fresh air…”

  1. Love the pastel color of those photo! the blue skirt is so cutie!^^

  2. Avatar Delmy says:

    I love them all! Great inspiration.

  3. Avatar HoneyBunny says:

    Wow beautiful! Love the colours and cuts<3

  4. Avatar jamie clare says:

    so gorgeous. there is such an ease in the designs, and i adore the colors. i’ll take that little teal and grey number now, kthnx

  5. Avatar miky says:

    !!!!i love the photo shooting!!!

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