Can I Still Wear Dungaree Shorts?

I’m not sure I ever wore dungree shorts as a kid. My memories only consist of frilly little dresses or a beautiful over-size tee and cycling shorts combo. However, I’ve recently found that as I start to near my thirties (I still have a good 2 and a half years yet) that the way I dress has started to regress to my childhood colour-clashing, anything-goes ways.

I have a dungaree dress which I practically live in at the weekend, every time I wear it I feel like a kid again and just spend ages twirling in it. I want that feeling of ease to continue. Enter the dungaree shorts, my latest obsession.

Now, let’s get one thing straight. I don’t want a slim-fit, butt-cheek skimming pair. Oh no. I want this pair. The Current/Elliot Shorthall Dungarees from FarFetch.

Just look how cool they are.

They have a relaxed fit, cute blue and white stripes, a classic bib design, big pockets and generally just look awesome. I love how they’ve been styled with a crisp white shirt, something you know I am desperately needing in my wardrobe. I imagine these will look just as good with a cute tee or slouchy jumper – my wardrobe essentials.

What do you think? Can I still pull off dungaree shorts?


One response to “Can I Still Wear Dungaree Shorts?”

  1. You can totally wear those!