Yay for me…

I’ve finished doing a little celebratory dance around my bedroom because I’ve been given my second blog award from Captivateme
This must mean I’m doing something right and posting stuff that you guys enjoy reading as well as giving me an outlet to ramble happily away aboout all things fashion.

By the way I will pass these awards on very very soon…..Now back to those shoes…


7 responses to “Yay for me…”

  1. Avatar prettyneons says:

    Whoop, whoop you deserve this award for sure! Congrats!
    PeAce & BoWs…
    prettyneons X

  2. Congrats on the award, you will have to show the results of your bleached denim!!!!

  3. Avatar geisharock says:

    the outnet is just so tempting isn't it?? but the selfridges sale is even more so… I was there today. managed to refrain from spending but there is so much amazing stuff with slashed prices! when I was at westfield I only bought stuff from the living and giving pop-up store! (discounting the pork pie from waitrose I shared with my boyfriend afterwards…hahaha) xx

  4. Congratulations my dear!!

  5. Avatar BlueKlein says:

    congrats on the award!!
    the plaster thing is nothing serious, is just I have some surgery scars and I have to protect them from the sun…so it looks like someone has hited me on my face lol

  6. Avatar Yuka says:

    congrats on the award. yes we do enjoy reading your posts!

  7. Avatar Hilton says:

    Wow, congrattss!!!