My Hunt for the Perfect Denim Pinafore

I feel like this post has been a long time coming. I first started raving about denim pinafore’s back in May when I wanted this one, then again in June with this one. I bought the latter but hated the way it looked on me. The body was far too over-sized and it barely covered my butt cheeks, not the look I was going for. In the end I left it, giving up on the hope of finding the perfect pinafore.

Until now.

 Denim pinafore, ASOS. Vest, fashion mag freebie. Bandeau, Primark. Sandals, Zara.

I found this on ASOS (again) while shopping for last minute Latitude essentials and decided that I had to give it one last try. That if it didn’t work I would just give up and move on. I’m pleased to say I’ve kept it.
This is the perfect pinafore for me. It’s a great length, hitting a few inches above the knee, is completely backless apart from the two straps and has a massive pocket in the front panel. It makes me feel like I’m five again, but I like it. I’ve been mixing it up wearing the straps straight rather than crossed. In my dream world It would have had two pockets in the skirt, but I can live without.
Check it out for yourself here.
You may also have noticed that I got my hair did, touching up my highlights for summer. I’m blonde again. Hell yeah.

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