5 Sequin-Covered Beauties You Need in Your Life

I am a complete Magpie when it comes to anything remotely sparkly. As soon as I spot something covered in sequins or even with just a hint of embellishment, I get out-of-control excited. I like to try and shoehorn a sequin in at any opportunity, but in the lead up to Christmas you’re meant to go all out. So I have.

These are the 5 sequin-covered beauties you need this Christmas. Well, I kinda want them too.

Urban Renewal Vintage Customised Levi Sequin Destroy Jeans, £40

I am in love with these jeans. At the moment I don’t have any in my wardrobe which have a more relaxed and casual fit. I love the straight cut and how they hit just above the ankle. And of course, I can’t not mention the ginormous sequin patches.

Fallen Star Sequin Top with Embroidery, £40

I’ve had my eye on this top for a while now. It looks sophisticated, feminine and simple, which I love because it is completely covered in sequins. The flowers are just beautiful and for £40, it’s an absolute steal.

ASOS Sequin Tassel Zip Top Clutch Bag. £35

I don’t even no where to begin with this one. It’s everything and then some. The mix of colours, the different sized tassels, the texture and movement, it’s killing me. This would look best with a simple all black outfit. Let the bag do all the talking.

Goldie Ambitious Maroon Sequin Dress, £68

First off, let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the delicious maroon colour. Then the fact that the colour is enhanced by hundreds of sequins, cute tee sleeves, cut outs around the shoulders and a skater skirt. It’s a definite ‘me’ dress.

Topshop Velvet Sequin Shorts, £36

I’ve saved these for last so I could write the rest of the post before losing it completely over these shorts. When velvet and sequins collide it makes me extremely happy. These are definite party pants and ones that I would love to dance in.

Personally, I’m majorly crushing on the clutch and the hot pants. But I bet you already knew that, didn’t you.

Found any sequins you like? Share them below.


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