I Have This Thing for Pleated Midi Skirts

Pleated midi skirts are my jam. They’re my thing. My wardrobe staple. My go to. I am obsessed. And I recently nabbed two more.

I could harp on about how I love how they nip me in at the waist, skim over my hips and fall flatteringly mid shin… But instead, I’ve just taken a tonne of photos I figured I’d share.


I had a wardrobe clear out recently and realised that while midi skirts are my automatic go-to, I don’t actually have that many. I have a metallic one, a polka dot one, a lace one and a sparkly purple one. What I didn’t have was a deep navy one, covered in florals. Enter this Floral Numeral Midi from ASOS.


The colours and print are just beautiful and eye-catching, guaranteeing a smile. What’s more this skirt can be worn with a smart cami for a night out or a plain tee for the day.


Obviously I can’t ever refuse a spot of Spliced Animal Print. I absolutely adore this skirt and have got several wears out of it already.


The contrast between the bold navy and deep green animal print is so sophisticated. This skirt demands respect. And statement heels. And twirls. All of the twirls.

*Twirls off into the distance*


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