4 Months Until I Say I Do, Cue the Heart Palpitations

Shit. It’s really happening people. In 4 months time, I’ll have said I do. Tied the knot. Be a Mrs. Cue the heart palpitations.

We’ve ticked off all the big buggers of tasks like our venue *cough* Antiguan beach *cough*. We have 41 of our nearest and dearest booked to join us. We have rum punch and jerk chicken. I have a dress. Al has some shorts. We have more stationary than we know what to do with. We have favours, flowers sorted (tropical and from the garden) and we have a band of the steel and drum variety.

See, we’re pretty sorted.

However, I still seem to have a checklist of to-dos as long as my arm. I need to practice taming my bouffant and find makeup that won’t slide off my face from the heat and sweat. We need to finish Al’s outfit, sort the ushers and create a couple of playlists. We need to action some crafty bits and a spot more holiday shopping, I’m not a fan of those sneaky tan lines popping up in photos. And then we need to sort some decorations for our UK wedding reception, which is basically just another excuse to party.

But it’s exciting. It’s stress free. And I’m enjoying every bit. So far, there’s been no dramas, no fall outs, nothing too unexpected. It’s been relaxed, easy-going and pretty, dare I say it, straightforward.

It’s all been made easier by the fact that we’ve stayed at the hotel before, we’ve met our wedding planner and told her the basis of what we were after. Piece of cake.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still slightly freaked out by the whole declaring-my-love-for-Al-in-front-of-everyone thing. But I’ll get there.

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