How I Went from Not Giving a Wedding Shit to Spending Hours Gorging on Wedding Magazines

I’ve a very strong feeling that I’m quickly becoming one of those brides-to-be who does nothing but wang on about the boring, minute details of her upcoming wedding. I’ve gone from thinking that I’d never get married, to really caring about every little thing pretty much over night since getting engaged.

I find myself losing hours on Pinterest looking at table centrepieces, spending multiple ££s on wedding magazines (I actually didn’t realise how many were there. I even found a destination wedding one), to wondering what our guests are going to do in the time between the legal bit, cocktails and then the evening bit. I honestly didn’t think I’d care this much about one day. But I totally do. And it’s weird.

I’ve found this new side of me which seems way more uptight. I want people to notice every detail. Which is totally bizarre because I drank far too much booze at everyone else’s wedding to even remember what they had on the bloody table. Add to that the fact that we’re doing the whole shebang on a bloody beach in Antigua. Surely that’ll do all the hard work for us?!

But still… I’ll keep on tearing out inspiration from my rather large stack of mags. I’ll keep pinning those idealic images to my beach wedding vibes board on Pinterest, and unless you give me a good shake, a sharp smack across the face and tell me to snap out of it, I’ll continue on in this wedding planning funk.

Excuse me while I doth my bridezilla cap and go chew my mum’s ear off about wedding flowers…


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