A Word to All Upcoming Brides, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

I’m going to put it out there, that due to not one but two hurricanes featuring in our wedding last September, I know a thing or two about stuff not going exactly to plan. The main point to remember is not to worry, that these things happen and it’s likely that no one but you will even notice if something’s a little out of place.

Let me start by rounding up some of the things that happened at our Antiguan wedding. Some the guests noticed, like us having to change the day, and some they didn’t, like how there were no name cards or favours on the tables due to the high winds hurricane José invited. Or even how we had to continually move the tables for the reception further up the beach to avoid them being swept away. Yes, our guests ended up sitting with their feet in the sea while they ate.

It all just adds to the experience, right?!

So here goes, some things to remember when you’re planning your big day. Have at it.





Good luck brides. You’ve got this.

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Photos taken by Paul Mockford and you can see even more on his blog.


2 responses to “A Word to All Upcoming Brides, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”

  1. YES!!! I love all of these! And brides definitely need to take note. We had horizontal rain all day for ours, but we ventured out and got some of my favourite pictures of the whole day.