What I’ve Learnt from Writing the Highlight of My Day Throughout 2017

For my birthday last December, Sanjana (aka the work bestie) made me this thoughtful self-care box. The item that’s had the biggest impact was the Review Your Day journal. A place where for the last 365 days, I’ve been noting my daily highlight and falling asleep on a high.

Here’s what I’ve learnt…

That by having to choose a highlight from every day, no matter how bad that day may have been, I’m able to end on a positive note.

I can go to sleep and turn off the anxious thoughts, whizzing through my mind.

It challenges me to think of the good, always.

How even if my day has been spent curled up in bed, struggling with my IBS, I have to find a headline. I have to appreciate that my body was asking for a break and that I gave it one, by resting.

It’s given me an evening routine that I follow religiously. You see, I get into bed, fill out my journal, spritz my pillows with sleep spray, apply moisturiser and lip balm before pulling on my eye mask. Ready to fall into the land of nod.


If I have an epically shit day, I can sit on the bed and flick through, re-living the good bits.

I have a beautiful journal documenting all my 2017 highlights, that I’ll cherish forever.

What’s more, I have two more years to complete it for and that gives me a sense of purpose. It teaches me to always look beyond the moment and search for the positive. Now that is something that’s had an impact on my mental health.

Anyone else do anything like this?


2 responses to “What I’ve Learnt from Writing the Highlight of My Day Throughout 2017”

  1. Avatar sophiecliff says:

    I have a “One Line A Day” diary which I love filling out too – you’re right, it really focuses you on the good bits! x
    Sophie Cliff

    • Jojo Jojo says:

      Yes! It just makes me feel so much better before I go to sleep. And I love having a flick back through some of my earlier highlights. It reminds me of what I’ve achieved, no matter how small. X