Portmeirion in Pictures

Questions that were running through our mind before heading to Portmeirion during our mini break… Could it really be that picture perfect? Are the houses really painted glorious pastel colours? Do people actually live there? Do we have to pay to get in to this village?

The answer is yes, to all of those questions.

In pictures it looked like a stunning Italian Village on the estuary of the River Dwyryd, North Wales. On the day we visited we had delicious sunshine and clear blue skies which really made it look even more idyllic.

The colours are a striking mix of pastel blues, pinks and yellows with a healthy dose of bright white. There are palm trees and flower beds everywhere. And it’s so, so clean.

We got there super early and enjoyed the quiet, slowly wandering, stopping to take pictures of everything.

We took the forest walk and passed the serene Chinese garden before heading down the winding path to the beach.

Marry the man who says to you “let’s do the coastal walk because you need to be by the sea.”

The tide was out, so we dug our feet in the sand, splashed in the puddles left and soaked in the rays.

We stopped for a cold can of Coke – is there anything better in the sun?! – and some lunch. It was relaxing, beautiful and bliss. I think you can tell that from the photos.

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2 responses to “Portmeirion in Pictures”

  1. Avatar Julia says:

    Oh wow, I’ve never even heard of this place before but it looks so beautiful and picture perfect, I love those pastel houses especially!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • Jojo Jojo says:

      Hey Julia, I’m telling you, it’s bloody gorgeous. Especially when the sun’s shining. Pastel perfection! Jojo x

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