I Didn’t Know How Much I Relied On My Work Wife, Until We Stopped Working Together

You know that old saying, you don’t what you’ve got till it’s gone – and if you read that without singing it, Joni Mitchell style, who even are you?! – well, that’s true for me and my former work wife and bestie. I mean she’s still a bestie but we no longer work together. And that’s a bloody travesty! 

I don’t think I appreciated the extent that I relied on her daily. From seeing her friendly little face smiling at me first thing in the morning, to our lunch time walks around the park, dissecting life together. We’d spent about 7 and a half years working together and we’re a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde. Thelma and Louise. Jeckle and Hyde. Ant and Dec. Alright, so those aren’t the best examples but you get what I mean. 

We got to be show ponies together, wheeled out for presentations, meetings with clients and the like.

Which meant we got to bounce off each other during those presentations, offering support and ideas when needed. 

Damn, we could even finish each other’s sentences.

Sometimes we didn’t even need words, instead we could communicate by a single look or raised eyebrow.

Our strengths and weaknesses complimented each other, meaning we could always offer practical help to each other and deliver the best end result. 

She had (and still has) a creative eye and knows how to style a food dish for the perfect Insta shot (check her blog out here) or the best way to make a wordy PowerPoint look presentable.

She always pushed me to do better. 

She gave me daily pep talks when I doubted myself and my abilities and still does, albeit via WhatsApp now.

I’d like to think we could read each other’s moods and know whether the other one needed a laugh, a hug, some fresh air or a cry. 

Christ, I miss her baking for me – I had the best birthday cake each year. Introducing me to the best-tasting dosa. Bringing me bucket-loads of daal in Tupperware. Creating Waffle Wednesday’s with masala beans. The food list is endless. 

She was a huge part of my working life so I feel like I’ve lost a little part of me. I’m having to readjust. My partner in crime is no longer by my side 5 days a week. I’m having to do all these things without her and it feels strange. I miss being able to bounce ideas off her, to shoot her a look when we’re in a weird meeting. Mostly, I miss being able to gab away at her all day, every day. 

Thank fuck for WhatsApp, where we continue to message daily. And Facebook, where we tag each other in cute animal vids. Instagram, where we tag each other when Ina Garten, my hero, posts about her hydrangea and cooking for Jeffrey. Twitter, where we continue to share each other’s work and passions. Basically, we’ll go to any platform that allows us to communicate.

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that work friends aren’t important because I’ve made several for life. 

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