The Small Things I’ve Been Finding Comfort in

winter walk in the woods

On the days I find I’m struggling, be it with the news, lack of sleep, or that general ‘meh’ feeling, I look to the little things that bring me joy. It’s those small, simple moments that can have the greatest impact on my mental health, happiness, and help pull me out of my slumber. Sometimes it takes one thing to ease the fog, other days it takes a combination of a few.

These are my current go-to’s…

Wandering into the woods, the fallen leaves crunching under my feet, surrounded by birds chirping and ducks quacking.

Warm crumpets buttered so thickly that you have a puddle of melted butter to sweep them in. I’m drooling at the thought.

Walking to the splash at the end of my road to feed the ducks with the little pickle. Sometimes the swans care to join. Sometimes a robin sits on the holly to watch. Pretty sure these ducks have done well out of lockdown.

Sitting in bed, post-baby bedtime, and losing myself in a good book before drifting off.

Watching Schitt’s Creek and the accompanying documentary, three-times over. It’s. Too. Good. Ew, David.

Tickling Dyls to hear his heady chuckle. The best sound in the world.

Busting some choooooooons and dancing around the living room as a family.

Married at First Sight Australia. Watch it here, now.

Putting on a fancy midi skirt – hello, animal print – even if I don’t plan on leaving the house to boost my mood.

Watching House Gospel Choir‘s IGTVs and losing myself in the house music + gospel choir mash up.

A packet of Frazzles at 8:30pm. Old school.

A daily phone chat with my mum.

Pounding the streets for a fast-paced buggy stroll.

Video calling a family member so they can watch Dyls as he pushes his walker around the living room, crashing it into the walls.

Stewing apples and pears with cinnamon, to use as a breakfast topper. The smell is lip-smacking perfection.

Giving Dyls a sequin-covered sock, a wooden spoon, or an empty bottle filled with dried pasta and pretending we’re at a baby sensory class.

What little things bring you joy?

Sending big hugs.


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