15 Things That Have Been Putting a Grin on My Chops

I like to make a note on my phone of all the things I’ve been loving, things that have been putting a grin on my chops and generally bringing me joy, so I have it to look over when I need a boost.

I last wrote about the little things that had been making me smile back in February and loved it so much, I’m bringing it back.

Have at it.

1. Watching Dawson’s Creek from the beginning. And discussing the workings of Dawson and Joey’s relationship with my bestie. Plus the fact that really, we were always about Pacey.

2. Bubble baths. Mine have to be full to the brim, boiling hot with an obscene amount of bubbles. It helps to have a glass of something cold and fizzy on the side and an episode of Dawson’s Creek loaded and ready to go.

3. Seeing so many people talk openly about IBS around IBS Awareness Month and being able to relate to every single one. I love the community I’ve created and will proudly tell my story to anyone who’ll listen.

4. Being sent daily baby photos from my work bestie. My ovaries.

5. Blossom everywhere. Including my Instagram feed.

6. Planning the annual garden sort out. Cutting the grass, tending to my beautiful hydrangea and getting the lavender ready for the bees to enjoy.

7. Making plans for a sunny weekend which we all know means barbecue time. The husband and I are planning on making kebabs and burgers and enjoying them in our cosy lil garden.

8. Ditching my winter coats in favour of my green leather jacket that my mum got me for my 21st, ten years ago.

9. Panic buying a sleeves sundress from ASOS because of the heat. Wafting around St. James’s Park in it and receiving lovely compliments from colleagues.

10. The lighter sky hanging around long enough for me to enjoy by the time I get home.

11. A nod to the weather for allowing me to brave showing my bare ankles. Even if every shoe I seem to be wearing is chewing my heels up at the moment.

12. Stretching my legs on a stroll around St James’s Park in the sunshine. You know I have this thing about being near water and it ticks my boxes for water, picturesque willows and tulips and lots of wildlife.

13. Finding Barry M Nail varnish in Pit Stop and wearing nothing else on my nails for the past 3 weeks.

14. A date night with some besties, laughing and shouting our way through an escape room experience before slamming down the cocktails and shimmying to Tina Turner.

15. Feeding Lilly celery and listening to her crunch her way through it.

What’s been making you smile?


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