The Little Things That Have Been Making Me Smile

I’ve been struggling post honeymoon to get back into my groove. After the chaos of the past year and the wedding and honeymoon now being over, I’ve been struggling with feeling a little lost. This list compiles the small things that have put a grin on my chops over the past week or so.

Wearing my luxurious Free People Ziggy socks – a birthday pressie from a bestie – with my glitter trackies and faux fur sliders. Living my best crazy-dressed grandma life.

My bunny, nudging her face into my hand or ankles, demanding attention and then chattering her teeth as I rub her nose. You can follow her cuteness on Instagram, here.

My husband. Always. But even more so when he’s cooked me a delicious meal. Even if it’s as simple as a bacon and egg sarnie the morning after a hen do. *Drools*

A lunchtime walk in the sunshine, stomping 10,000 steps around Hyde Park. Taking in the blue skies, bare trees preparing for spring and the swans scaring the tourists.

Sweating it out at Zumba with my mum, who by the way, brings all the lols.

The arrival of my gorgeous new leopard rug, in soft greys, oranges and green. Adding the perfect blend of jungle to our boring carpet. The bun also approves of the softness.

Burning new candles that smell like bamboo and serenity, making me feel fancy.

Printing about 300 wedding photos and starting to make our own album. Reliving every single moment of those extraordinary 12 days again and again.

My thoughtful cousin sending me the perfect card at the perfect time, reminding me that’s it’s ok to feel the way I am, that I’ve got this, and that I’ve got the best family ever.

What’s been making you smile?

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