10 Ways to Give the Gift of Calm This Christmas

If, like me, you suffer with an overly anxious mind you’ll recognise the importance of self-care, especially around the busiest time of the year, Christmas. For me, it’s important to carve out time each week to unwind, de-stress and pamper myself. Whether you’re buying for yourself or a friend, these ten items will make that self-love process even better.

1. This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Talk, £22
If you’ve read any of my IBS posts you’ll know how much I swear by this stuff. For me the Pillow Spray is like sleep crack. Two pumps on your pillow guarantees instant snooze factor. This kit is one of my favourite gifts to buy for friends or new mums. The Stress Less rollerball is one of my handbag essentials. I carry it with me all the time and apply it to my wrists if I can feel my heart rate quicken, or a situation getting too out of control for me. Lavender and camomile are the dream team.

2. John Lewis Frosted Spruce Christmas Gel Candle, £22
There is nothing I love more than the delicious waft of a scented candle filling my home. Al and I nipped into John Lewis and became obsessed with the Frosted Spruce Gel Candle, which not only looks gorgeous, with pine needles and forestry in the gel, but smells exactly like earthy fir trees. It’s so heavenly that we have a rule where we can only burn it when we’re in together. Otherwise I take to sniffing my real Christmas tree for a fix.

3. Three Months of Bloom & Wild Flowers, £50
Who wouldn’t want a bunch of beautiful hand-picked flowers posted through their door every 28 days, for three months?! Flowers have the ability to put a smile on anyone’s face, no matter how hard a time they’re having. Bloom & Wild package their flowers in letterbox-sized boxes meaning they’ll be there to greet that special someone when they get home. I recently sent some to a friend of mine who’s had a tough couple of months and loved receiving the thank you text and photo. It’s the best feeling to know that you can help send a smile.

4. A Cosy Knitted Throw, £39
I truly believe that you can only get cosy on the sofa under a good throw. You need something warm and fluffy to wrap around yourself and snuggle up in. These Popcorn Knitted Throws from West Elm will do just that. Plus, they have tassels, which we all know I love – even though this post isn’t about me, I still manage to wangle in a bloomin’ tassel!

5. Aromatherapy Associates Star Jewels, £27.20
If ever I’ve had a particularly shit day where my constant worrying has taken hold of my mind and I can’t shake it off, I come home and run myself a hot bath. I light all the candles, pour myself a drink, grab my book and sink into a state of bliss. There’s something super calming about gradually slipping further under the bubbles until you’re completely immersed. The only thing that will make this moment even more glorious are Aromatherapy Associates trio of essential oils. They’ve got every need state covered, from Deep Relax, De-Stress Mind and Revive Morning.

6. Laura Jane Williams Bloody Good Book, Becoming, £11.18
A good book goes hand in hand with a good bath. One of the ones I loved reading the most this year was Laura Jane Williams’s Becoming: Sex, Second Chances, and Figuring Out Who the Hell I Am. Her honesty, the raw emotions, the honour, everything about her tale, I loved. If you haven’t already check out her book, her blog and her podcast. She’s a total girl boss.

7. Sheepy Trim Dressing Robe, £28
A big fluffy robe is essential in anyone’s wardrobe, both female and male. Next make the best nightwear from a furry robe with a giant hood, to comfy pyjamas and slippers. The ultimate in cosy chic.

8. Calm Prompt Cards, £10
Containing 60 cards, each with an eloquent reminder of how best to approach our frustrations, this pack of calm prom cards is the perfect gift for someone who struggles with anxiety. Reminding them of the value of calm. These would be great to pop in your handbag so you have them on hand when you need a slice of reality.

9. Cashmere Bedsocks, £35
Cashmere bedsocks. Sounds dreamy, feels dreamy. The White Company even wrap them in a gift box and deliver with a personal message for you. A decadent Christmas gift for someone who appreciates the finer things. My choice would be ice blue.

10. Three Good Things Pocket Journal, £5.75
These stylish notebooks make a perfect gift for those who practice mindfulness. Giving them the space to jot down the three good things that have happened each day, alongside room for doodles (which I am always guilty of) and mementos. Making the conscious effort to note down the highlights at the end of each day will create a sense of feel-good positivity.

And there you have it. Ten ways to give the gift of calm this Christmas. Namaste.


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    This is my favourite gift guide yet! x
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