6 Photos That Always Make Me Smile

I am a massive photo addict. I’m that person that won’t let you cut the cake until I’ve snapped it, my bunny can’t eat a carrot without having my phone in her face, and I even take photos of old photos, just so I can have a digital copy that’s easy to access. It’s safe to say that my phone is crammed, and today I’m sharing some of my favourite highlights.

1. The Cute Toddler Picture

I look like a right cheeky madam sitting alongside my cousin on my grandad’s lap in the photo above. This man was my absolute world. I idolised and adored him. Whenever I close my eyes and think of him, he always has this smile. I stumbled across this photo recently and love that mischievous look I have going on. I also admire the tinsel in my hair and my love for a Peter Pan collar at such a young age. In comparison, which is still how it is today, my cousin looks very Audrey Hepburn, all pearls, scoop necks and neat buns. But that face though. He was a beautiful soul.

2. The Surprise Engagement


It feels only right that this picture is one of my all-time favourites. I snapped this selfie after receiving the biggest shock of my life, a proposal. What makes this photo even more exciting is the fact that we’re getting married this September, in the exact same spot that Al proposed. I’m a mix of pee-my-pants excited and shit-my-pants scared.

3. The Big Ball of Fluff


This picture gives me the awwww factor. Lils is the biggest ball of fluff I ever did see. And she reminds us of this constantly by moulting everywhere. This photo was a role reversal to normal as I was in her pen, clearing out her cage, while she sat on the sofa resting her hairy chin on the arm. Obviously I went in for a head rub and obviously I stuck a phone in her face for a snap. Luckily she had her eyes closed in total bliss.

If you’re desperate to see more of gorgeous Lils, then go give her a follow on Instagram. And yep, that is a thing.

4. The Daddy’s Girl


Yep. Look how bloody cute I am. And check out my dad’s barnet. That’s all.

5. The Main Lady


I have so much love for this woman. We’re so similar it’s actually scary. So scary that we bought each other the same gift for Christmas, a heart-shaped coaster that reads “When it rains look for rainbows. When it’s dark look for stars.” Stars have an emotional connection for us, as that’s how we remember my grandparents. Aww.

6. The Ultimate Babes


Honourable mentions go to these two pictures which I can’t locate the original files for so have had to jam together. My ultimate babes.

On the left we have Harry Potter, Florence without her machine, Ozzy Osbourne minus his wig and Twiggy. The perfectly formed but slightly strange foursome. What’s funny is that Harry and Ozzy and Florence and Twiggy were best mates, who also happen to be in couples.

On the right we have two feisty leopards who will always have each other’s backs and are ready to tear down anything that stands in the others way. We got this.

*Let’s out wistful sigh*


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  1. Avatar sophie cliff says:

    Ahhhh I love this post so much – such a lovely idea and very happy memories 🙂 x
    Sophie Cliff

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