Babies. Babies. Babies.

All my friends are having babies. It started with one and then catapulted. I’m scared to drink from the same glass in case it’s fertile water and catches.

At 29 years old my mum was already married for six years and had me, yet I still feel  miles away. I’m still learning how to look after myself, how could I take on a responsibility as huge as a child?

I am in awe at how well my bestie’s have adapted to motherhood. I’m also in severe shock about their graphical birthing stories they decide to share. I actually can’t shake these stories from my mind.

But do I really want to go down that avenue myself? Can’t I just be an honorary auntie forever? I like playing with babies and then handing them back. Will that feeling ever change? I’ve asked lots of parents this question and they’ve all said you’ll never feel ready, which actually scares me a lot more.

I googled the most common age to have children and was surprised at 34. That gives me just under five years. That sounds like a while but when you factor in that next year is going to be consumed by wedding shiz, that actually gives me three years to get my shit sorted. Minus another year for actually being pregnant. Is that really my next five years planned out for me?

Or am I just over thinking the whole thing? Probably. I tend to do that…

FYI, that cute pic is me and my gorgeous Great Uncle Ronnie who taught me how to gamble.


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