6 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Run Down

I look an actual state at the moment and should only leave the house while wearing a bin bag over my head. I have numerous, mountainous under-the-skin spots erupting, my lips are so chapped they’re peeling and I took a fall at netball and have grazed everywhere, including my chin. My body needs some TLC and these are the six things I swear by to do it…

1. Slather a load of moisturiser on your hands and feet, pull on a comfy pair of gloves and socks, locking in all the goodness, and fall asleep. Easy peasy.

2. Indulge with a rehydrating face mask. I don’t currently have a good one in my beauty arsenal but know that my skin is in need of a bit of TLC. Any suggestions, drop ’em below.

3. Bath. Bubbles. Vino. Need I say more? This is always my go-to option hence why it’ll feature in any post like this.

4. Watch Disney videos. Make sure you sing along into your hairbrush with the classics. Because a bit of nostalgia never hurt anyone. My fave, The Little Mermaid, every single time.

5. Eat the biggest bowl of chips and dip ever. I’m an avo fiend so guacamole packed full of salt, coriander and lime is my weakness. You can see my banging recipe here.

6. Go for a walk in the wild. It might not be what you feel like doing but is good for the soul and gets that energy pumping. For me it’s Virginia Waters, as this holds a load of childhood memories.

Got your own idea, drop it below.


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