5 Pieces of Sportswear Guaranteed to Make You Leave the House and Head to the Gym

I’m a creature of comfort when it comes to work out gear, I wear a kit while playing netball and sports leggings and animal-print vest for zumba. Done. On the very rare occasion that I decide to do a bit of yoga at home, I tend to stay in my pjs. However, if you made it your resolution to pay a gym a visit – I salute you – and bring you some banging sportswear that is guaranteed to make you leave the house.

1. Chances are if you’re a blogger you’re going to be drawn to marble, making these Variety Marble Mesh Insert Leggings, £75, a necessity. We also love a roll neck but I’m not sure how practical they are to work out in…

2. I have to mention this Perform Crop Top, £10.50, from Whistles. I gave this a stoke last time I was in store and it’s so, so soft that I questioned whether I could get away with stroking it against my face. If they’d have had my size I would’ve bought it. Even if you never actually make it to the gym just pull it on while you do the cleaning, that’s pretty much the same thing, right?

3. Shorts are a strange one for working out. You either choose cycling shorts – which intimidate me – or those slightly looser-fit styles which carry the risk of over exposure. So when I found a pair that encompass both styles I got curious. Enter stage right these Work it Shorts, £39.50, from Every Second Counts.

4. We all know Nike make the best trainers and these snazzy Free 5.0 Mesh Trainers,£95, are no exception. I love the checks and I love the mix of orange, purple and neon yellow, I’m all about the clash.

5. If you’re looking for a badass pair of leggings then these Puma Eco Print ones are for you. They even have pineapples on. Pineapples. I’m sold. Just take my £30 Puma. Have at it.

P.S I wrote this blog while sipping a whiskey and coke and scoffing a Wispa… Totally not practicing what I preach here.


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