5 Things to Do This Weekend When You’re Broke

Hands up if you got paid before Christmas and now have five weeks to kill until you get to see cashola again. Heyyyy! I feel your pain, so I’ve pulled together five things to do this weekend on the cheap.

1. Make your own “rememberlutions” jar. Scrap resolutions, craft your own jar and drop all your awesome moments and positive vibes straight in. Boom. How easy is that?!

2. Pin all of the adorable miniature daschunds on Pinterest. I’ve already started this for you with these adorable snaps. I could lose myself for hours doing this.

3. Binge watch Making a Murderer on Netflix. I’ve watched the first episode and am hooked. It’s an emotional roller coaster and super intense. And all real.

4. Reorganise your wardrobe. Out with the old and in with the new. I popped to Costco – my new favourite place – last weekend and picked up a fabulous new storage unit for my spiralling shoe collection. Organised chaos is my jam.

5. Take a bubble bath. Pour yourself a large glass of wine. Light a fuck ton of candles. Start reading a decent book. Call it a night. Don’t get out until you look like a prune.

I know, I know, I’m far too kind.


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