Why We’re Getting Married Abroad

I didn’t spend any of my childhood dreaming about getting married. I never cared for a big white dress. Least of all I never thought I’d actually want to tie the knot, yet here I am, at 29 years of age, planning my own big day. Shocker.

Churches make me nervous, every time I’ve ever walked into one I have an overwhelming urge to swear really loudly. Hotels feel too grand and too structured for my liking. So that left the beach. But not just any old beach. An Antiguan beach.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit the Caribbean a handful of times and to me it’s the most beautiful place on earth. I love the people, the colours, the music, the food and the rum. We’re talking relaxed to the max. And I LOVE it.

Even more importantly, Al loves it too. Last year we decided to pay Antigua a visit after hearing just how wonderful it was meant to be. And it didn’t disappoint. Our hotel was gloriously empty – the perks of traveling during school time – the pools deserted and the cocktails flowing. We ate all the seafood and jerk chicken we could get our hands on. We survived solely on rum punch and banana daiquiris. We went to Shirley Heights to watch the sun set on the island and then partied the night away with the steel drummers and Caribbean band. We took a jeep tour of the island learning all about its history. And we got engaged. Right on the dock after a romantic meal. It couldn’t have been any more magical. Which explains why we’re desperate to go back. In our mind, why have just a wedding when you can have a freaking-amazing holiday at the same time.

Our wedding will be as chilled as the locals, there will be rum a plenty, a ton of BBQ food and lots of dancing in the sand to a steel band to celebrate. We want to make as many memories on this beautiful island with as many family and friends who can make it as possible. That’s all that’s important to me.

During the upcoming year, months and weeks I’ll be posting about as much as Al and I feel comfortable sharing. I’m hoping this will keep me sane and stop me from sliding into Bridezilla territory.

Got any tips for planning a wedding abroad, hit me with them. Please. I’m almost begging. I have no clue what I’d doing…


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