A Letter to My Gut…

Letter to my gut

Dear Gut,

I’m not sure if that’s the best way to address you or whether I should keep it more formal and use your full name, gastrointestinal tract. But I do want to give a shout out to my very active and thorough intestines.

You’re a crafty bugger aren’t you, gut. Lulling me into a false sense of security, making me think I’m ok one minute and then BAM, I’m not.

You’re relentless at making me feel on edge and anxious about when the urgent need to evacuate my bowels will be, or whether I’ll make the train journey in one piece, without shitting myself.

Because of you, I’ve chosen a life of pleated midi skirts and oversize jumpers. Form-fitting outfits are but a distance memory, way before I had the constant ballooning-stomach bloat to look forward to. Comfort is key. And elastic waistbands.

At times you’ve made me feel lonely, distraught, isolated, body conscious, abnormal, disgusted, ashamed and pretty low.

But you’ve also made me listen to you. Trust you. Appreciate you. And through that, I’ve come to respect you.

You know what’s best. And when something doesn’t work for me, be it a certain food or lifestyle choice, you get rid of it from my system. And for that I have learnt to be grateful. Don’t get me wrong, I still feel like we’re on a constant battle for control. But when we work together, for those rare moments of gut bliss, we make one hell of a team.

You’ve taught me that my IBS doesn’t define me. That it doesn’t control me. And that I’m strong enough to deal with whatever shit (get it!) life throws our way.

So I thank you and will forever trust you.

Yours always, by default.

Jo x


One response to “A Letter to My Gut…”

  1. Avatar Mark Kent says:

    very well said.,very well written .I, HAVE IBS long list health issues..m.e .migraines .people never see
    the every day effects .when my ibs starts i feel so Nausea .very often feel so very very Shitty .shame
    embarresment ..never making it to the toilet in time .RARE MIRACLES HAPPEN..most days i feel
    Disgusted .very often think too myself there are a lot worsor health issues your alive ..i, am alive

    like too see you talk about how you cope what is a good day.whats a bad day .what helps you .what does

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